Born in Azores, Mario Raposo is an eclectic and a self-taught musician. His taste and influences encompass New age, Electronic, Jazz,  Classical music and film  score composers. Since the early nineties, Mario has been creating music for film scores, commercial  documentaries, advertisements, TV generics and CDs  for local artists. A true product of his times, Mario does not hesitate in injecting  into traditional forms a more modern language. He has experimented mostly  with fusion, i.e.: jazz; traditional Portuguese and new age  (especially on documentaries); electronic pop, dance; and orchestrations through the use of  synthesisers and sample libraries.


“Mario Jorge is the composer of choice with our production teams. His creative capacity is prevalent in his work on fiction, contributing to give the saught out atmosphere in the various situations lived in this film (Um Natal Distante), whether it be suspense moments, or emotional ones. In documentary, he has elaborated various themes adequate to all genres, even composing epoque pieces for historical passages, displaying much versatality and finesse.”

   Carlos frança, Director/Independent producer/co-owner of IRIS-AUDIO VISUAIS

"Mário's music is elegant, moving and expertly contructed. We have been colleagues for some years now. I am also a composer. I have deep admiration for Mário's craft and ability. His music is never forced nor inauthentic. It consistently speaks from a place of honesty and necessity and always with something moving and compelling to say."

   John Califra, New York film composer

"...One particular and rewarding element that stood out to me about this album was how personally engaging and warm the music feels despite its retro-futuristic and technological themes. Both vintage and modern, as well as seemingly from the future, several decades of electronic music are echoed throughout these beautifully melodic and digitally complex arrangements. Fans of Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Ron Boots and Zero One, as well as sci-fi inspired music in general, are especially encouraged to check out this supremely executed and thoroughly rewarding album!..."

   Candice Michelle, (Futurology)

"...It's the intro that pulls me in, like a welcome hand, drawing me into a wonderful room full of this strong emotional bright uplifting piano playing, with a lovely complimenting string orchestration, all twinkling the air. The title intrigues me. It could have been, 'Just may be it', but you decided to call it 'Just may it be'; I feel unconsciously, because you are referring here to the spontaneity of life, the feeling of the moment, the process, the space you just let go of and not the finality. It's a great piece Mario. It's speaks much of you... a sensitive artist living in the moment."

   Andrew Schmidt

"Always loved Mário's music. Great cinematic compositions and amazing classy melodic lines. His music surely worth a listen: you'll find something magic!"

   Corrado Cossi, award winning composer

"...The diversified presentation in Mario Tracks, step our senses in a rich universe of melodies rhythms and textures. Like a filled painted music sheet, with aural notes of invitation. An imaginary signed card that cross our mind, showing the path to a mysterious world of sounds and melodies..."


"...It is definitely a 'short cut' at 2 minutes and 17 seconds long, but what a short cut it is, a really 'symphonic' score that could fit into any big time movie soundtrack, very dramatic to the end, great stuff Mario!"


"Heartland" will bring you into a beautiful land where emotions and colors are so well blended together that you will be wrapped by Mario's music! Great production, fresh and touching sounds, original arrangements, awesome breath-taking melodies... most recommended!! BRAVO Mario!"

   Anna Lorenzi

"For lovers of "World Music" this album is a real treat. There wasn't one track that I didn't like. I don’t know if this is Mario's first release but I would like and hope to hear more from the gifted writer that Mario is."

   Peter Romanowski

"Mário is a very sensitive composer and his music reflects the softness of his soul"

   Ana Rá, pianist, composer

"I have listened to the offerings from this Ponta Delgada, Azores, artist quite a bit. The tracks tend to grow on you. This piece is a bit of a rollercoaster ride such as you might go through if you thought you saw someone with alien eyes moving through a crowd - brief glimpses, strong impressions, pauses to consider the possibility. Mario is adept building a mood and this is a prime example."

   Vesa Peltonen

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     Mário Raposo is affiliated at SPA, Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores

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